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A Hub for Gospel Transformation in Rome and Beyond: Will you Take Part?

RomeItaly is in desperate need of a biblical reformation. Rome is the capital city of the nation and represents in many respects the heart of Italy and its people and culture. Impacting Rome will therefore result in open doors and opportunities to the rest of the country. By the grace of God since its beginning in 2010 the church Breccia di Roma has sought to be a catalyst for gospel renewal throughout the city. The preaching of the Word, an emphasis on church life and multiplication, evangelism, theological training and gospel-centered cultural events, mercy ministries to refugees and the poor … have all been and continue to be part of Breccia di Roma's strategy and vision to see the gospel transform Rome and its people. Now we find ourselves facing a new challenge: We are in need of a space that will enhance our efforts and impact on the city. Below are ways we envision using a space for gospel renewal and transformation in Rome and beyond.

Locally Map of location

  • It would be a permanent meeting place for Breccia di Roma. It is centrally and strategically located, providing a sounding board for the gospel to reverberate throughout the city.
  • Being home to our church and theological training it would provide an effective springboard for promoting and launching church plants throughout the city where there is little to no gospel presence. We are currently focused on the neighborhood of San Paolo in south Rome. Home to 135,000 people there is no church that preaches the power of the gospel. San Paolo is just the beginning.


  • It would provide an ideal center for training leaders, church planters, and professionals to be gospel witnesses throughout the country. It would enable the growth and impact of I.F.E.D. (Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione - Institute of Evangelical Formation and Documentation) into the capital city of Italy. I.F.E.D. is key to the development, training and raising up of new leaders to impact Italy with the gospel.


  • It would serve as a resource center for the Reformanda Initiative, a newly launched effort that exists to identify, unite, equip and resource evangelical leaders throughout the world to better understand Roman Catholic theology and practice in these confusing times and to educate the evangelical Church on how to better communicate the Gospel in such contexts.

ExteriorAfter forming a legal entity that would be able to purchase a property (I.C.E.D.), we have recently come across an ideal space that is centrally and strategically located in the city (just a short walk from the Colosseum and other main sites). It consists of a main room and a basement and is ideal for:


  • Sunday worship services (a capacity for about 60 people)
  • Church related activities and meetings
  • Outreach and evangelistic efforts for the many businessmen and women who work downtown
  • Cultural activities such as theological debates and apologetic dialogues
  • Art exhibitions and small acoustic concerts
  • Office space for both Breccia di Roma, I.C.E.D. and I.F.E.D.
  • Seminar/lecture space for the training of leaders and church planters
  • A theological library and resource center for seminarians and students

How exciting it would be for this to all take place in the heart of the nation's capital! The cost of the space is $500,000, plus $100,000 for work required to finish out the basement which will house the theological library and office space. The total amount is $600,000. We ourselves are committed to raising ⅓ of the total, but are in need of friends from around the world to partner with us in seeing this become a reality. Would you prayerfully considering partnering with Breccia di Roma financially in order to give these gospel renewal initiatives a permanent base in the center of Rome? In praying and seeking the Lord's will please keep in mind that we will need a response by the end of June 2015 in order to move forward with this project. May God bring gospel renewal and reformation to the great city of Rome! By God's grace it is possible.

Will you take part?

Church Breccia di Roma

For further information please contact:
Leonardo De Chirico
Pastor of Breccia di Roma
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